An Email Capture Form

Use email captures we all know about how important it is to get subscribers on social media but this is reliant on someone else’s platform you can control this yourself and build up your own platform which you will always have control over unlike platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter which can rise and Continue Reading

What is SEO?

SEO – is optimizing your site so you can get found quicker and easier by your ideal customers – which the end goal of all websites at the end of the day – with our SEO tool it can help give you the best recommendations and suggestion you need to follow and implement to your Continue Reading

New Domain? Get Moving

When you get a fresh domain while you’re building your website put a landing page on the domain immediately if not sooner this will help google to index your page sooner so when you launch your professional website you’re not starting from zero this also allows people that have found you from other sources such Continue Reading